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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tomorrow is going to be hell

I went to the doctor.  I'm not really sure what she thinks, but she has ordered an eeg.  But one where I am meant to be sleep depreived.  Which is not really a big deal, as I'm pretty much always sleep depreived in the summer anyway.

Except that included in the instructions is that I can't have any stimulants for the 24 hours preceeding this thing.  That includes cigarettes and caffeine.  Those are two of my most favorite things.

My doctor just said she was doing this sort of study since if she did the other and it came back with no seizure activity, she would end up doing this she is just starting with this one.

Now, here's my thoughts - I'm not sure what I want it to find out.  If it finds out that I do have seizures, well that's bad.  If it finds out that I don't, well then, I still don't know what happened to me last week.

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