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Friday, June 17, 2011

Now, I have a headache

Oi vei.  My doctor wanted to get a CT Scan done of my neck before this summer camp craziness started.  As I was falling asleep last night, it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet heard back from her office as to when my appointment was.  I planned to call first thing this morning to find out if she able to get me an appointment.

Now, let’s be clear.  This woman who works at my doctor’s office is fairly brilliant.  Brilliant in that she can talk her way though anything and convince anyone to give her things or do things that are against policy.  It’s that really helpful to patients way – get your insurance company to agree to tests they wouldn’t otherwise cover, or get radiology to schedule things that should have a month long wait for…she’s just good like that.

So, I get to work this morning to a voicemail from one of my staff.  He said, “I’m not sure if you got my message on your cell phone….” That makes me look at my cell phone and realize I have three messages I didn’t know I had, one of them from Dr. Dayaw’s office.  Rut-row.  It’s Becky, who has I have an appointment today at 10:20 AM, but I have to be there three hours early.  It’s now 7:30 and I am a half hour away from the hospital anyway.  I panic, organize someone to take care of things for me, and head over.

I get back into cell service about half way through my drive and call the preregistration number for the hospital.  I explain to her why I’m late and ask if they will still take me.  She calls radiology and they want to talk to me.   They told me I misunderstood my doc’s office and that I didn’t have to be there 3 hours early.  I had to fast for three hours.  But, if I was on my way, they’d take me now.  I should note, I listened to the message from Becky, and she definitely said 3 hours early, so that wasn’t an MS moment.

So, lucky me, I got in there, got the CT Scan, and got out all before my scheduled appointment time even.  The woman in preregistration also had a lovely conversation with me about the Y and how much she loves it.  The radiologist who did the actual CT Scan also talked to me for a quite a while about MS.  She was asking lots of questions, and it made me wonder if she suspects she has MS…just the kind of questions she was asking.  It wasn’t polite chat, it was legitimate questions.  Who knows?

I do know that I am very grateful to Becky, who is the best finagler ever, and is able to get appointments no one else possibly could.  I also know that dye they give you – they said I might feel hot and that that feeling was one of the side effects.  She did not tell me I would think I wet myself though.  I was pretty concerned, until I realized I wasn’t actually wet , just warm and it was the dye and not actual incontinence.  Phew.


kate said...

Your so brave! Having to deal with such an illness is so commendable, I genuinely feel for you! I love your attitude, honest and outgoing! You can only help by writing more and more, people need to know they are not alone and that there are intelligent, comforting people out there with similar experiences!

Speaking of which I found your blog when searching for similar blogs to my aunties and thought you might be interested in taking a look. It is called Bette Bravo (named after their dog) and it has Information and lifestyle tips for Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI treatment available.

Do you or anyone you know, know of this treatment or have had it before?

My Auntie, Jenny, lives in Norwich, England and suffers from Primary Progressive MS. She has had it for a good few years now but as a child i didnt really notice, it is only as i have got older that i realised she was suffering - she always seems to have a smile on her face, which humbled me with her braveness! You reminded me of her! She is currently waiting for the treatment CCSVI in Poland - apparently it is not available in the UK yet but if tests are positive they may roll it out here.

As she says, this could be the beginning of a cure for this disease.

We have every finger and toe crossed for improvement! She is having the operation in August and she is uploading a lot of videos to show her condition before and after the op. She is rather technically impaired hence why I am contacting you, but she would love to hear from you and your experiences and if you would like to know more about CCSVI please please get in contact.

Kind regards and best wishes


Just a girl with MS said...

I don't feel brave very often...I just feel like I'm doing what I have to do. Thanks for your warm comments!

I checked out your Aunt's blog. I'm very intersted to find out how it goes for her and plan to follow it thoughout.

Taylor said...

I have had almost the exact same experience with being told to come in early and they really mean to fast beforehand. Good thing I usually have a book or iphone games to entertain me! Oh well. At least you got your appointment in a timely manner! Hope you're doing great!