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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunny Days at the YMCA

Today was Thursday.  It was the second day of vacation camp and hot as hell.  Basically Satan called, and he’d like his weather back.  I am sweaty, sunburned, filthy, exhausted and happier than I have been in a long time! 

I just feel so productive.  This is my element.  I’m at a camp, running great program for kids.  I’m keeping them safe in the 95 degree weather.  One girl told her mom I was the “sunscreen natzi” and just kept making her put on the sunscreen.  I must have uttered the phrases, “put on more sunscreen before you go outside,” and “drink some more water,” at least a million times today.

Now, the MS and heat thing is a bit of a problem, but I was more proactive about it today than I have been before.  I had my cooling wrap since the wee hours of the day.  I put my vest on by 9am.  We went swimming from 2-4pm, and I jumped in and out 5 times during that time frame. 

I’m happy.  I feel good.  I feel productive.  MS is not going to win…today anyway.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

101 Things to Do to Keep Myself Productively Occupied

1. Cafe World
2. Coloring
3. Puzzles
4. Reading sappy books
5. Finally putting away laundry
6. Scrapbooking my sisters wedding
7. Dishes
8. Recipe sorting
9. Finding inspiration stories for training
10. Adding to "Little Nothing Book"
11. Solitaire - with real cards
12. Working Out
13. Organizing Junk Drawer
14. Cleaning closet
15. Shopping for new stuff to put in the cleaned out closet
16. Writing a long blog post
17. Writing letters to old friends
18. Cooking new recipes
19. Cleaning under fridge
20. Cleaning under stove
21. Gardening
22. Hiking
23. Recycling cans
24. Organizing shoes
25. Sing
26. Shower
27. Sing in the shower
28. Nap
29. Clean my car out
30. Vaccuum my car
31. Create games for rainy days
32. Build card houses
33. Monopoly
34. Create an elabore domino setup
35. Knitting
36. Mario 64
37. Organize junk drawer
38. Read sappy books
39. Clean under bed stuff
40. Make mixed CDs
41. Change sheets
42. Socks matching
43. Friendship braclets
44. Sun bathe
45. Make chocolate covered fruit
46. Organize Hand and Foot game
47. Clean windowsills
48. Clean windows
49. Listen to music really loudly
50. Homemade popsicles
51. Library Trip
52. Hair wraps
53. Costume shopping
55. Photo box
56. Organize mail
57. Watch sunset
58. Photograph landscape
59. Make a bucket list
60. Do something from the bucket list
61. Make homemade ice cream
62. Rearrange bedroom
63. Shrinky Dink
64. Write a book
65. Go to a murder mystery dinner/cruise
66. Zumba
67. Organize road trip games file
68. Update my linked in page
69. Catch on up Words with Friends games
70. Catch up on Draw Something games
72. Catch up on Scramble games
73. Have a bank of 2,000 coins in Coin Dozer
74. Catch up on Hanging with Friends games
75. Roast Marshmellows
76. Create 10 new Dutch Auction activities
77. Drive In
79. Make a bird feeder for the backyard
80. Soduku
81. Word Search
82. Origimi
83. Skip numbers on this list to not have to think of as many
84. See how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
85. Create ringtones for people
86. Tag Sale shopping
87. Farmers Market
88. Catch up on Tivo
89. Photoshop old pictures
90. Cigar box purse
91. Read old camping magazines
92. Save articles from MS magazine
93. Go through pen box and throw away ones that don't work
94. Solve Rubix Cube
95. Make taper candles
96. Make God's Eyes
97. Gimp
98. Create journals for gifts
99. Stumble
100. Fancy Sugar cubes
101. Rewrite lyrics to pop songs for camp skits