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Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 letters in 30 days - day 8

Before my right arm keeps going numb today.  It's annoying and makes me wonder if its MS...puhhumph.

Now, onto today's letter.

Dear Favorite Internet Friend,

I used to have a lot of you, and now I don't really have any.  There's one girl, from Washington State that recently reconnected with me.  It was 10 years ago that we were friends, and to be honest, I can't say that we were even close.

My best friend irl was good friends (internet friends) with a couple from New York.  Well, this girl was internet friends with the couple, specifically, the girl.  So, that's how I knew her.

What I remember about her - she was always super nice.  She was pretty down to earth, and she called it like she saw it.  She recently reconnected me with me, through facebook and text.  Thanks facebook, for sharing my cell number.

She's still super nice.  I told her about my MS, she told me about how her and her love (from way back when I knew her), were splitting down.  She's on her way into entering single motherhood.  I wish her well.  She seems to be taking it stride, and enjoying life.  I want to learn from her and feel the same way.


Lee-Anne said...
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Lee-Anne said...

Hi Just a Girl

How is you arm? You haven't mentioned it since this post, so I guess that means it is ok? I hope so. Best wishes. xx