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Thursday, September 15, 2011

another item for the list

I missed the event tonight.  The board meeting went too late.  When I got there, the room was full and it would have been very awkard to walk in.  I couldn't do it.

This is just another reason why I can't live the life I want and have this stupid disease.  Tonight was just pure irony that both were so closely connected.


Lee-Anne said...

Sorry you missed it. I can see what you are saying though about your MS and job being so closely connected. I would have just walked in and stood at the back... or searched for a chair or caught the eye of someone in charge. Next time...
You are gonna make it you know.

Just a girl with MS said...

I do know, but its also nice "hearing it." And I'm really feeling ok...I may have some really good news to post soon.