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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny how that happens

I had my support group tonight. There was a woman there who could have been me in 10 years if my life didn't happen the way it did. She refused to take any DMDs, didn't trust her neurologist, and wasn't completely certain she had MS. Her rational was that they tested her for so many things and finally settled on MS.

My thinking is that they ruled out other possibilities to figure out what it was.

But had I not moved out here, went to this MS center, met Kay and Dr. Dayaw, I totally could have turned into her. That's scary.

Granted, I hate my stupid shot, but I know I'm doing something to make my life better. I'm not fighting treatment or burying my head in the sand. I hope she figures that out too. It's scary and horrible, but the alternative is worse.

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