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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hating people is like burning down your house to kill a rat.

Every year, my doctor runs a workshop for people that are newly diagnosed with MS.  I saw some posts for the previous ones, and I was pretty excited to hear she is running one this year.  I RSVPed and everything and was very excited to go.

This week, I've found out we have our first board meeting after the summer that night.  That SUCKS.   I'm trying to work out who to call (the number just goes to an RSVP voice mail) to find out ifI can show up a little late.  The program is 2 hours long, and I reckon I can be there only 15 minutes late...maybe a half hour.

It says though, that space is extremely limited.  If there is that much demand for it, I don't want to take the spot for someone who can be there the whole time.  That's a little messed up.

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Lee-Anne said...

Hey you have ALREADY rsvped. Just go and turn up 15 minutes late... say work finished late, or you had car trouble, traffic was bad or something. You are eager to go and maybe you won't be late. Be late, but go!!!