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Monday, August 15, 2011

30 letters in 30 days - day 2

Dear Crush.

You don't exist right now.  Which is weird, because I almost always have a crush.  I haven't had any serious relationships in recent years, but there's always a crush.  Usually it's a teacher, or some other professional in my life.  Ok, always it's a teacher.  I have a thing for teachers.  My own, or others, it doesn't matter, but when I hear someone is a teacher, that does it for me.  Some people are into eyes, or legs, or types of cars that are driven, me...its teachers.

So, not even a crush right now....I didn't even realize it until I saw that day 2's letter was to a crush.  I started to think about it and realized I didn't have one.  This letter shall then turn into a letter for my next crush.

I miss having you around in my life.  I miss that giddy little feeling I get when I see my crush.  I'm not looking for a serious relationship...I just want that excitement back in life. 

Where will I find you again?  I'll keep an eye out...I'm sure I'll catch you somewhere.

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