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Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 letters in 30 days

I found this website with 30 letters to write in 30 days...I've been looking for some sort of inspiration, something to write about besides MS, and this seems like the perfect starting place.  I don't know if I'll really be able to write one letter a day, but I can try :) 

Dear Best Friend,

I love you....I've always loved you.  You can be crazy, emotional, quick-to-fly-off-the-handle, and yet I love having you in my life.  I learn from you every day.  I admire your sense of adventure.  I love that you can things I would never think move across the country on a whim with no plan in mind.

I love that you care so much about me.  I love that you want me to be happy and healthy.  I know you worry, and I try really hard to not make you worry so much.

I know you always speak your mind...sometimes it makes me crazy...I just wish you'd keep your thoughts to yourself...but I know you do what's best.  When our mutual friends thought I had MS, they shared it with each other, but never with me.  You were the one who shared that crucial bit of information.  I, of course, did not believe you, but you were willing to break the bad news.  I appreciate that.

Thank you for being in my life.  Please don't leave again....I need you around!

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