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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunny Days at the YMCA

Today was Thursday.  It was the second day of vacation camp and hot as hell.  Basically Satan called, and he’d like his weather back.  I am sweaty, sunburned, filthy, exhausted and happier than I have been in a long time! 

I just feel so productive.  This is my element.  I’m at a camp, running great program for kids.  I’m keeping them safe in the 95 degree weather.  One girl told her mom I was the “sunscreen natzi” and just kept making her put on the sunscreen.  I must have uttered the phrases, “put on more sunscreen before you go outside,” and “drink some more water,” at least a million times today.

Now, the MS and heat thing is a bit of a problem, but I was more proactive about it today than I have been before.  I had my cooling wrap since the wee hours of the day.  I put my vest on by 9am.  We went swimming from 2-4pm, and I jumped in and out 5 times during that time frame. 

I’m happy.  I feel good.  I feel productive.  MS is not going to win…today anyway.

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