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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am so proud and happy with myself.  In the evenings, I always feel so bad, and I was worried....really worried about my job and the evenings.

And there were big storms going through my area tonight and I did ok...better than ok.  Great!  I could make decisions, deal with issues, and life was just good.  I feel so much better knowing that when it counts, I can do it.  Not only can I deal with not feeling great, I don't even notice when it counts.


Sherri said...

what sort of job do you have? i worry about my job with the beast lurking as well...

i work in public safety... emergency management and the like... i always worry about response and what it's going to do to me

Just a girl with MS said...

I work as a Camp Director, which means this is my really busy season. I'm scared for the day that I can't do it anymore.

I imagine public safety is just as hard, and all the time, not just seasonal! What do you?