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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I have a wierd pain, and it's not neuro!

I think I love that fact that's my strange neck pain isn't MS related.  I also love Dr. Dayaw.  She's so smart, straight forward, down to earth and wonderful. 

I called the office yesterday after the third person asked me why I hadn't called the doctor.  They called back later and said she would just see me next week (for my regular appointment), and if it got worse to go to the ER or call my primary. 

But then she was at the MS support group tonight.  She did a presentation about MS drug medications and what not.  Afterwards, I was talking to folks and ended up talking to her.  Which by the way, is just awkard.  I feel like she's this genious and prestigious person and I'm just me.  So talking to her in real life is awkward.  And she asked me, "so what's going on with your...foot?" That's another reason why she's great.  She didn't even see me yesterday, just my name and she remembered.  Admitingly, it was my neck, but close enough.

She looked at it and poked and such and then declared she thought I had an extra rib.  Now of course, I'm no doctor, but I have no idea how a 33 year old woman just suddently develops an extra rib. But I will call my regular doctor tomorrow and ask her to order an Xray, which of course is what Dr. Dayaw said to do.

I should also mention I balked a little about getting the xray and my doctor said, "it doesn't hurt...why don't you want to get it done?"  And when I just shrugged, she said, "you don't want to know the results." 

She's brillant and honest and I just adore her.  I'm SOOOO happy she's my doctor.

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