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Monday, July 4, 2011

time to breath

It's been a long weekend, and while I've still had to work, I've also had some time to breath. 

We went to see fireworks last night.  Just being out and about felt really good.  I have a foster child here, she is on a bit of a respite pass.  I think it's more respite to her than her caregivers though.

And this time to breath, I've used quite a bit of it to sleep.  Catching up on sleep has been very nice.  I have no idea what the results from my EEG were, but I was definitly sleep depreived.  I feel asleep very quickly.

This time to breath also gives me time to think.  Thinking is bad.  My MS nurse, she has good theories on everything.  She thinks I feel hopeless and that is bad.  I wonder how she can not be hopeless.  My doctor said the obsession I am experiencing is normal.  I feel like it should be gone by now and since it's not, it never will be.  She said to give it a year.  I wonder why a year.  Why is a year a magic number?  Is it because after a year, I will not experience "my first" whatever with MS.  There was my first Christmas with MS.  My first summer with MS.  My first heat wave with MS. 

Oh well, time to get motivated and then go back to being busy.  Busy is good.  I think a lot less about me when I am busy.

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