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Thursday, July 28, 2011

what exactly is a leison anyway?

Ok, so there's good news:
* the "thing" that happened at the beginning of this summer was definitly not a seizure. 
* the thing in my tonsil is done being treated, so I can start the steriods.

Bad news:
* the mri showed lots of new leisons, and the ones that are the same are much bigger than they were.
* it's a relapse, and I've been on Avonex for 13 weeks, so it should be working fully by now and not be having this relapse.  She is going to evaluate in a few weeks, but I may be changing drugs.

Looking for the funny things:
(I'm trying to stay focused on the positive and look at the funny side of it all.  Steriods give me an awful taste in my pennies.  I said to the nurse about half way through, "can I have some cranberry juice and crackers to get rid of this awful taste?"

She said, "You are one of the ones that can taste it?"
I said, "Yes, can't everyone?"

She said, "No, just some."

My response: "Well then, arn't I just lucky."

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