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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Am I lucky?

My MS nurse has MS as well....when she was first diagnosed the medications were just being put on the market for it.  She got to take something, because she won a lottery.  That's crazy to me.  I still consider not taking anything, and using the wait-and-see approach.  Then, I hear about her and how privledged she felt to get to take medication  and I feel completely ridiculous.

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Lee-Anne said...

I didn't start medication until about 7-8 months ago. I have been diagnosed since 2003 and medications then were pretty new. It was a huge step and it freaked me out. It meant re-acknowledging again that I have MS. But I understand now that medication is for my future health, more than anything else and I am more than ok with that. Good luck with your medication journey!