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Sunday, January 27, 2013

finally, a flu day to myself

The last couple of Avonex injections have been coincided with lots of things to get done.  Therefore, I've had to just suffer through flu day and not deal with it.  Today, finally, was flu day, and I had nothing to do.  I was able to just sleep and be.  I enjoyed it.  I've rather missed it.  It was miserable, and I was up for most of the night feeling feverish.  Even so, I've enjoyed the day as much as one can.

I saw a new doctor this week.  I wanted, and the hospital scheduled me, for an appointment with a local neurologist.  That will be much more helpful than my wonderful doctor, who is too far away.

I'm in the examination room.  She comes in, and introduces herself, but tells me I can call her Yvonne.  I just smile and warmly say hello.  She then looks at me, and says, "You don't recognize me, do you?"

I don't and have no idea where I would know her from.  All the doctors from the hospital were male, so that can't be it.

She then tells me she was a nurse for me at Camp Howe years ago.  Her name is familiar to me at this point.  Thing is, I can't remember if I liked her, or disliked her as a nurse.  Now, she's a doctor.  That's pretty cool.  As a doctor, I like her anyway, even if I didn't back then.

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