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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alois Bell

Photos of receipts going viral is kind of fun to follow.  I've never once, even thought about writing something on a receipt other than the dollar amounts and my signature.  There's been quite a few stories lately about random bills and receipts with things written on them.

My favorite was a good story, about a Red Robin family, with a VERY pregnant wife.  The manager added in the computer a coupon and called it Mom 2 Bee, and gave her meal free.  I thought that was sweet.

This one.  Not so much.  First of all, the woman, Alois Bell, is a minister.  She wrote she gives God 10%, so why should this waiter get 18%.  It might sound logical at first.

However, if you really are giving God 10%, you are giving God 10% of your TOTAL income, not of one restaurant bill.  You're a pastor.  You are in the word of helping God's people.  That means everyone, just so ya know.

And if you're going to be cheap, don't admit who you are and that you are a person of the cloth.  This will just go into my reasons for not wishing to have any part of organized religion.

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