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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Success is the best revenge....

I found another good blog post today.

I used to feel this way.  When someone wronged me, either really, or just in my head, I felt like my own success was the best thing I could do.

I don't feel like that anymore.  For better, or worse, I just can't seem to muster the strength to even "fake it" for them.  I just don't care.  Perhaps I should.  Perhaps working on my own success, just of itself, will make me feel better.  It doesn't matter who I am upset with, or trying to get revenge on, just my own success.  What do I need to do to feel successful?

The answer always comes back to camp.

I miss camp.  I miss camp a lot.  I need to find a way to get more camp in my life.  It doesn't matter if I have MS.  Camp is where I want to be and camp is what I want to be doing.   

I'm doing it.  I'm going to find something camp related that I can do.

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