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Monday, November 12, 2012


"Many older people seem to take unmerited pride in the mere 'fact that they are adults. When youth comes crashing in on them with enthusiasms and ideals, they put on their most patronizing smiles, and pat the young man or the young woman on the shoulder, and in a worldly wise sort of way send them out with what they call their blessing. But—as every young person knows-that is not a blessing; it is a cold shower. What they have really said to you is this: "You're young. Enjoy your enthusiasms and your ideals while you can. For when you grow up and get out in the world you will know better." And the tragedy is that so many young people do just that: they do grow up and, growing up, they grow away from their enthusiasms and from their ideals. That is one reason why the world into which they go gets better so slowly." Eleanor Roosevelt

I just read this news article about people being so upset over the election (even some states that went blue), that they have filed a petition to secede from the union.

Are you kidding me?  Good gravy train.  Granted, if Romney won, I would have been in the crowd to joke about moving to Canada and the like, but really, a petition?

I dealt with the election fiasco in which George W lost the popular vote, and the entire thing was decided by "hanging chads" and that sort of thing.  I get the feeling of disappointment, but geez.  It's over.  Move on.

On another note though, somewhat serious.  I do believe Western Massachusetts should secede from Mass and make our own state.  Boston just doesn't get us.

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