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Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Twinkies

I saw this on facebook.  I often chuckle at these things, but rarely share.  This one though, I had to share.  It's kinda funny.

My therapist and I were talking about the end of the world.  I couldn't remember the exact date, but we were both kind of laughing at how ridiculous it was.  She said the receptionist was joking about it, and she shhhhhhed her.  She had clients who had real worries about this.

I didn't share with her, but I'm kind of the opposite.  Or at least I was (still having good days!).  I hoped it would happen.  The end of the world would be a great alternative to living.  I'm not dreading it.  I'd welcome it.

I don't know if I still feel that way - guess a few more weeks to figure that out.

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