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Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

Last year, at this time, it was the October snowstorm.  Power was out for a week.  There wasn't a ton of snow, but all the leaves were still on the trees, and the snow made trees fall EVERYWHERE.

This year, we have Hurricane Sandy heading our way.  It's not suppose to be as bad at the snowstorm last year, but still a likelihood to loose power and what not.

In preparation, I've filled my gas tank, and am baking all sorts of goodies to eat if I can't actually cook.  I also postponed a shipment of medication in case the power goes out. There's no point in getting it if I don't have power to refrigerate it.  I have tonight's dose, and then they'll call me back on Tuesday to schedule the rest.

It's also been a year since my mom died.  The technical anniversary is Monday.  I miss her, a lot.  I guess I always will.

This past week, I went to one of those MS presentations.  This one had my doctor as the guest speaker though.  That was wicked cool.  My doctor really is amazing.  I'm really glad she's mine.

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