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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mostly good news!

The sad truth is that I don't know how to read most of these.  But my doctor said that I had no new lesions on the brain or cervical MRI's.  Any some of them have gotten smaller or disappeared.  That's great news!

I did have lesions on the thoracic mri, but that had never been done before, so she doesn't know how they compare to a year ago.  I guess my recent symptoms have been things that would be in that area though, so she wasn't really surprised.

She need mention that she was going to do a blood test to see if I had a different kind of MS.  I only know about the 4 main types, and didn't even know there was something else.  I don't remember what she called it, so I can't look it up.  I also didn't know there was a blood test for any kind of MS.  I figure though, its results come back pointing to something else, she'll tell me.

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