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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving, birthdays

Ugh.  I'm sick.  Just regular sick, not MS sick, but I feel yucky.

Thanksgiving was good.  I went to a friend's house and we had a good time.  Her fiance was there, with his children, and all of her children. 

My birthday was also good.  We went to Golden Coral for dinner.  They now have a chocolate fountain, which is delicious.  I made chocolate covered strawberries, marshmellows, pineapple, and apples.  While eating them, I was geting chocoalte everywhere.  My friend said, Heidi, you are covered in chocolate.

I replied, without even looking at her: "Its my birthday and I have MS."

It was a pretty funny moment :)

Mrs. Clause was there to celebrate Black Friday I imagine.  She, and a bunch of waitors, sang Happy Birthday.  That's always fun.

And then Saturday hit, and I'm sick.  Blah.  I've spent most of the day sleeping.

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