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Friday, March 23, 2012

stupid Massachusetts

I haven't posted in a very long time. Mostly, that's because I had nothing particularly interesting to say.

Tonight though, I'm super cranky with my lovely state. I guess there is legislation that does not allow drug companies to provide assistance to patients to use their drugs.

I should backtrack. When I started the new job, my insurance company did not cover Avonex. My doctor wrote them a letter and they approved it. I had a $0 dollar copay, which amazed me.

Now, all of a sudden, I have a $60 copay. That's a lot. At my old job, it was a $25 copay, and I could handle that, but $60 is a lot! So, I called Avonex, because they said they provided assistance.

I went through all this rigamaroll with them, only to find out MA does not allow drug companies to provide copay assistance here.

I've reasearched it. The reason is that they are concerned more people will go on brand name drugs rather than use the generics if the brand name drugs subsidize the cost of it. That makes sense to me, I guess. However, there is not a generic for Avonex. I don't have a choice. I'm not trying to use a brand name drug when a generic is available. BAHHHHH!

So, now, Avonex has sent me to some fund agency place to apply for assistance with them. It's freaken paperwork and annoying as all heck. Seriously, I feel like I just want to stop using any medication. I don't care tonight. I'm annoyed at my state, at Avonex, and with MS in general.

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Sherri said...


i hate the combo of pharmaco and insurance companies... they have us by the proverbial balls