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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

broken computer, new girlfriend and jealousy?

First, my computer is acting up.  The mouse does not click correctly.  When you push it, it stays registered that it's clicked until you click it like 6 more times.  Except, it's not exactly 6, its just random.  So doing ANYTHING is super annoying because the mouse keeps selecting all and what not.

Onto the good news.  I had this mother of a former camper and staff member set up with this woman she knew.  I had very low hopes for this.

We went on a date Saturday and really hit it off.  I figured it was going to be awkward and horrible, and while I guess it started a little that way, it was brilliant.  I really enjoyed her and her company and her conversation.  It was good.

I ended up telling her I had MS.  I sort of had to.  She was talking about hanging together Sunday, but Sunday is my flu day.  If I just said, "no, I'll have the flu" that would sound like the lamest excuse ever.  So, I told her.  She didn't say much, but we still made plans for Monday.  That was a good sign.

On Monday, she brought up MS.  She said she didn't know much about it, and wanted to know the prognosis for me.  That's kind of scary...when someone you potentially like asks something like that.  I was honest, but probably more hopeful about life then I sometimes feel.  She was okay with it.

What I didn't mention, and probably should, I keep my house pretty cold.  I mean, I've always had it colder than normal, but now especially cold.  I just feel sick when its warmer than 62.  So, one thing leads to another and I end up sleeping with her, which was lovely, but she also commented she was chilly.  I felt bad, and next time she comes over, I'll have to remember to turn the heat up, literally.  But, if its too warm, I reckon I'd be too hot to do anything.

Besides that, I'm happy.  It's weird, and I'm totally not the sort of girl to fall like this.  It's very weird.  But, I'm happy.  The smiling all the time kind of happy.

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