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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The hand...

There is a tradition we used to do at camp.  Each night, its nice for groups to reflect on the day.  At summer camp, we called it a "cabin chat."

On the first night, my favorite activity was the hand introduction.  Each person talked about 5 parts of themselves, all related to fingers.

The thumb - what makes you human.
The pointer finger - what guides you.
The middle finger - what annoys you.
The ring finger - what you are committed to.
The pinky - something random about you.

I was thinking about this tonight - I don't really know why.  My answers always change, often based on the group of people I am with.  I share different things with children, with my staff, with my peers.  It also depends on my life situation.

Today, my thumb - I experience emotions.  Every emotion, and sometimes every possible emotion in an hour time period.  I'm happy, sad, angry, scared, confident, excited and more.  It's all me, and its all very human.

My pointer finger - I struggle with this one lately.  If I was sharing this with a group, I wouldn't have anything right now.  I'm looking for something to guide me.  I need to find something that is worth it these days.

My middle finger - I'm annoyed when I'm misunderstood, or just blatenly ignored.

My ring finger - I'm committed to finding my way again.  I seem to have lost it recently, but I'm going to find it again.

My pinky - I miss my Subaru.

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