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Sunday, August 5, 2012

7th Annual MS bike run!

Today was the bike run again, and this year, I got someone to ride me :)  The condition was based on weather, but it was beautiful and off we went.  It was my very first time ever on a motorcycle and I had an absolute blast!

I was cramped a bit and my legs hurt from sitting that way, but all in all, it wasn't bad.  I totally could be a biker chick if I wanted.  I think I'd be rather cute at it.

The unfortunate thing is that the MS nurse, my favorite human being ever, wasn't there.  I thought she would be, and I'm a little worried about her.  She hasn't been at the clinic the last few times I've been there either.

So, the actual ride was a little over an hour, but it took us two hours to get to the starting place and then another two home at the end, so really, it was like a 5 hour ride.

The weather held out for most of it.  It started to rain just as we got to the end place.  Then cleared up, and we bailed early to make it home before the real storms.

Right after we took off, another shower came through.  We were soaked.  But that shower quickly passed and riding on the highway dried us off pretty quickly.

About 5 minutes after we got home a huge storm rolled in.  Thunder, lightening, the works.  I was rather shocked we didn't lose power! 

But we made it all safely, and I have successfully checked an item off my bucket list!

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