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Friday, December 30, 2011

near tragedy

So, I canceled my neurologist's appointment last month, becuase my new insurance company said I needed a referral from my PCP. My new PCP would not see me until she got my records from my old PCP, so I canceled that neuro appointment and scheduled a new one for this month.

They called yesterday to remind me that I had the appointment. I called the PCP again, who still hasn't gotten the records. I was hopeful and called the insurance company to see if they could waive the need for that referral.

Happily, I found out that if she was in-network, I didn't need one anymore. Great news! But, the story doesn't end there. They looked her up and said she was not in network. GASP!

I asked before I took this job, as her being covered by my new insurance was part of my decision in taking the job. When I called her office, they said she was covered by this insurance.

I call back the insurance company. She looks again and says, nope, not one of our doctors. However, Dr. Bell, who is in the same office as her is one of them. That makes NO SENSE to me. I'm babbling about how illogical I think that is while she looks up Dr. Dayaw by address and finds her.

She says, "Oh, I've got her, she's covered, but her name is not Dr. Dayaw." Now, I realize, this woman has many names, but I am 100% confident that Dr. Dayaw is the name she should be known by with insurance companies.

Her full name is Dr. Maria Pilar Elisa Tejada Dayaw. Her business cards have random initials in there instead of the actual names, and the people who know her well from the MS support group call her Lisa, but basically, her name to me is Dr. Dayaw.

The insurance company says her name is Dr. Pilar. Dr. Maria Pilar. That's wrong, and I know that. They read her whole name though, and its definitly her. That, and there is no Dr. Pilar in her office.

Thankfully, all is set and I can see her next week. Phew.

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Mary K. Mennenga said...

Oh my goodness!! that's crazy glad it all worked out in the end.