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Monday, December 19, 2011

the holidays

I tend to write more when things aren't going so well. I think I've always been like a teeny bopper with diaries. If I go back and look at them now, my life looks horrible. But combine all the drama of teen angst, along with only writing once every four months, that's what you get.

So, this is a happy post. Nothing is wrong post. I've been feeling pretty good. I got my tooth pulled last week. That kinda sucked, but it hurt so much. I reckon that was the reason for all the other illness going on. As soon as the tooth came out, everything was better.

I wasn't coughing anymore, nothing hurt, it was brillant.

So now, we are onto the holidays. I've got a friend's I am going to go to. Life will be pretty good :)

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Lee-Anne said...

Good for you Just A Girl. I reakon everyone writes more about the bad stuff. I just wrote about being on copaxone for a year... nothing bad at all though. Merry Christmas to you. Stay safe and well.