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Sunday, January 1, 2012

my horoscope for 2012

Well, the Yahoo! front page story was a link to see your horoscope for the year. Mine said:

The winds of change are not about to let up just yet! With the arrival of 2012 comes yet another flurry of eclipse patterns to shake up your status quo. In June, the full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the last of the series, bringing the final wave of a sea of oceanic changes you've weathered over the past few years. You've probably experienced dramatic endings or beginnings (or both) of important relationships and extensive personal transformations recently. Depending on where you find yourself at the start of the year, you can expect to experience the total other end of the emotional and relationship spectrum before 2012 is over.

According to it, the oceanic changes I've seen won't let up until June. Geez.


Lee-Anne said...

Alleluia, Just a Girl! I really do hope 2012 is the other end of the spectrum for you... you had quite a ride in 2011!

Just a girl with MS said...

Good perspective :) Hopefully its a mellow year for all us!